Commando 3

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Three young boys who have been under training for an impending mission in India are caught by the ATS, stumbling upon their fake passports. The only information they get through interrogation is about a mysterious man, who has brain washed these three young boys against their own country INDIA, and is operating from somewhere in London.
Karan Singh Dogra sets out to London to hunt down the mysterious antagonist, Buraq Ansari. He is aided by Bhavna reddy, Malika Sood and Armaan Akhtar from the British intelligence.

The planned attack in India is on- a ticking time bomb, which at any cost has to be stopped!
Will our Commando unveil the identity of the mystery man? Will he be able to figure the time and pace of attack in India? Is he sure if it’s just the three boys who were caught by the ATS, or are there more boys like these? Is all for him to accomplish within a short time.


Thriller, Actie


140 minutes





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Aditya Datt

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